In 2012 law school student Sandra Flake testified before congressional democrats on how many law students were going broke paying for contraceptives. In her testimony she stated that contraceptive can cost a student up to $3,000 dollars during law school. When Rush Limbaugh jokingly called her a slut he faced relentless attacks from the left for his “War on Women”

At $.50 apiece that is 6,000 condoms during a three year law school or 2,000 per year or engaging in sex 5.5 times per day on average. Based on these numbers you can decide if there is any truth to Limbaugh’s comment.

There is also the issue of why should the government pay for anyone’s method of contraception. I have a friend who is addicted to caffeine and has to have that cup of coffee in the morning and several times a day. Should the government pay for their coffee needs? Of course by government I mean taxpayers as that is how the government generates revenue.

Women’s Health

Whenever this issue of cutting funding to Planned Parenthood is brought up for discussion it is assailed as a War on Women and on women’s health. Cutting the funding would endanger the health of women putting them at grave risk. To understand this one needs to examine the business of Planned Parenthood.

In 2012 Planned Parenthood was the receiver of $542 million in taxpayer funding. This is 45% of their revenue. This is from an organization that reported $87.4 million in excess revenue and holding net assets of $1.2 billion. Also of note Planned Parenthood contributed $1.4 million to the Obama reelection campaign.

Now the services provided. From 2009-2011 they performed 995,687 abortions. In 2011 they provided pregnancy services to 364,938 clients. Breaking this down by service provided, 333,964 received abortions, 28,674 were provided with prenatal care and 2,300 adoption referral services. That is 145 abortions for every adoption referral. In the meantime Contraceptive services dropped by 12% and cancer screening and prevention services down 29% over the last two years.

Abortions are much more prevalent among minorities. The racial breakdown for abortion is 37% black, 34% white, 22% Hispanic and 8% other. Way out of line with the makeup of the population as a whole. Would be very easy to argue that abortion is a form of race war.

Why do women have abortions?  In a 2004 study two most common reasons were “having a baby would dramatically change my life” (74%) and “I can’t afford a baby now” (73%).

So believing that contraception is and individual responsibility and that the government should not fund abortions is what constitutes a war on women in the United States. Many still consider life to be a sacred gift from God and that life begins at conception. If this is considered a war on women then one needs to examine what struggles and attacks women in other parts of the world face daily. This will be addressed in my next post.


Yes, it's a war on women--and men--most of them not more than a few months old. :(

Having been a teen mom myself, I can wholeheartedly say to the arguments: It will dramatically change my life? Well, yeah! and I can't afford a baby now? So. What.

Sorry (well, maybe not really), but this is an issue near and dear to my heart. It is ridiculous. The sinner is the one responsible for their own sin. Yet at the same time, God will not be holding guiltless those that push for its continuance.

I hope that's not too vague. I wanted to comment; I pray my comment is to God's glory. "He giveth more grace."


Just thought I should follow up and say that none of my anger is meant towards you, brother. (You probably knew that, but just for the record.) Satan is wandering about as a roaring lion and is certainly finding plenty to devour! His time is short. Amen.


I knew that Shelia :-)


I figured, but just in case... :)

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