I will let the numbers speak for  themselves

 1)  20% of all women worldwide will be a victim of rape or attempted rape in her lifetime

 2) In Malawi, 50% of schoolgirls surveyed reported sexual harassment at

 3) 45% of women in the European Union reported some form of sexual harassment in the workplace.

 4)  In Peru 56.9% of urban women and 71% of rural women have been victims of physical and/or sexual abuse. 
5)  In the Czech Republic 35% of women have been victims of sexual abuse. 
6)  In the Solomon Islands the first sexual encounter for 38% of women was forced. 
7)  In Nicaragua 36% of women reported abuse during pregnancy.

 8) In China 13 million abortions are performed annually, 10% of those are driven by gender selection. 
9) 1 million women are trafficked across international borders each year in slave trade. 
10) 140 million women and girls living today have undergone some form of Female Genital Mutilation.

This is only touching the surface on the atrocities committed against women globally. There is a war on women globally; it just has nothing to do with free condoms. 

God save us

Nicolas Toth

Hi there,
We are a group of researchers from the University of Mannheim interested in how social media is used to organize successful protest action and would love to hear from you. We have created an anonymous online survey. It is only 10 questions and takes less than 2 minutes. You can find it here: http://www.mzes.uni-mannheim.de/survey/socmedia/index.php/survey/index/sid/924582/lang/en

A Facebook group with all the details about our project and about our previous work on protest politics can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/socialmediasurveyMZES/
Looking forward to hearing from you.


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